Escape Rooms

By now, you’ve seen your friends or family posting photos holding up an “I Broke Out” sign and bragging about an escape time, but if you’ve never played an escape room, you are probably asking yourself “What on Earth is that?!” Escape Rooms have been one of the world’s most exciting entertainment concepts for many years now, and Breakout Games is the largest (and most exciting!) escape room in the United States with over 35 locations!

You can think of an escape room like a live-action video game or a fully immersive strategy and puzzle game. You and your team will have an hour to discover clues, crack codes, and solve the mystery of your room. If you make it in time you’ll breakout! Each room has a theme and is designed around a unique storyline. There’s something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, planning an office party, or going on a first date, you will have the time of your life in this adrenaline-packed adventure!

Sounds like fun right?

If you are ready to book your next adventure, click here, but if you need a little more of an explanation, then take a look below!

What do you do in an Escape Room?

First, you and your team need to choose a storyline! You can choose from rooms like an old haunted mansion, a sinking submarine, or even a kidnapper's creepy hideout. While some of our themes are spooky and exciting, all of our games are designed to be fun, not scary. We’re the perfect upgrade to any outing, no matter the group! You can take a look at all of the Breakout storylines here.

Once you have selected your theme, you and your team will gather inside the room with your personal Game Master. We want you to be as present as possible so you can make real, lasting memories with your group. We’ll ask you to put away your phone, focus on being together, and have a great time!

Your Breakout Game Master is your personal hint giver throughout the game. They will explain the rules to you at the beginning, make sure you are ready to play, and then will head back to the Breakout control room to watch your game and listen for whenever you need help. At any point during the game, if you need help or want to ask for a hint, all you have to do is ask, and your personal Game Master will speak directly into the room through a speaker system.

Escape Room Difficulty

Here at Breakout, we customize the difficulty of each room to your needs. Some escape rooms give zero hints or put limits on how many hints you’re allowed to ask for. We leave the difficulty up to you! If you want a challenging experience, you don’t have to ask for many hints and you can put your brain to the test! If you’re new to escape rooms or have kids in your group, you can ask for as many hints as you need. Whether you’re an expert or a total newbie, you will have a blast!

For groups with kids under 14, you’ll need at least one adult in the group to give guidance when needed. Escape rooms really are for everyone and our teams work hard to make sure that people of all ages and abilities will have a blast!

The escape room experience is meant to be fun and welcoming. On-site escape room staff are there to welcome you and explain what to expect—and each room is monitored by staff who can help with extra clues if you’re in a quandary, answer any questions, or simply cheer you on. Of course, the rooms are “locked” in name only and participants are free to leave at any time to use the restroom, take a phone call, or take a break from the excitement.

Are Escape Rooms Safe?

Of course! Our games are mostly mental and for the most part the only physical activity you’ll be doing is walking around the room and unlocking locks. You won’t need to climb or use excessive force to open anything.

While the storyline is built around the idea of being locked in a room our doors remain unlocked throughout the entire experience. If there were to be an emergency or you want to take a bathroom break, you can walk out and return when you’re ready.

We also maintain excellent cleanliness in our escape rooms. We have been sanitizing and cleaning our rooms regularly since we opened! We intensified our already diligent cleaning protocol in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, so you and your family can feel safe knowing that we’ve taken every precaution to protect you and our staff.

Each escape room is elaborately designed by professional set designers as well as a virtual reality team—so you’ll find a ton of realistic props and experience loads of hidden, state-of-the-art technology.

How To Solve an Escape Room

First and foremost, strategy, problem solving, and cooperation are essential to Escape Room success. It’s likely you will spend the first ten or so minutes ransacking the room for clues—opening drawers, looking under desks and tables, taking books off the shelves, rifling through pockets, finding what seems like random numbers and words, and generally getting a sense of the room where you’ll be spending the next hour.

You will have a whiteboard and markers for keeping track of information and working out solutions to problems. Once a clue is uncovered, you will work to interpret it, solve the puzzle, and find the next clue using what’s available including things like black lights, lasers, magnets, electric currents, and even Morse code. Clues can also take the form of math problems, riddles, word play, or sound and video recordings. Of course, there are sometimes red herrings thrown in for good measure.

The key to success is cooperation: team members must learn to communicate their findings, analyze information, and pool resources in order to solve each clue. After you have discovered all there is to discover in your room, you will reach a final step. Often, this step involves solving the overall mystery or finding an exit code. Once you’ve completed this final step, your time will stop and you will have won the game!